Pokemon Go: Content Update for July, 2023

Hidden Gems is well on its way, as is Summer. We're on our way into July, which is typically one of the hottest months on average in the northern hemisphere. However, it's also a beautiful time to get out and catch some Pokemon, and we've got a few stand-outs. The big prize of July (that we know of so far) has to be the debut of Mega Tyranitar, which drops right after being given access to Brutal Swing. This is a big one, but it's not alone, so let's get into July's festivities!

Research Breakthrough

Research Start Research End
June 1, 2023 September 1, 2023

Five Star and Mega Raid Bosses

  • Raids Start: June 29
  • Raids End: July 6

Heatran caught during this period will know its Signature Move, Magma Storm

  • Raids Start: July 6
  • Raids End: July 13
  • Raids Start: July 13
  • Raids End: July 25
  • Raids Start: July 25
  • Raids End: August 4

Spotlight Hours

Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, July 4 2x Catch Stardust
Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, July 11 2x Catch XP
Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, July 18 2x Catch Candy
Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, July 25 2x Transfer Candy


Event Name Event Start Event End
Dark Flames June 29 July 2
Go Battle Weekend July 1 July 2
7th Anniversary Party July 6 July 12
Community Day Classic: Squirtle July 9 July 9
Catching Some Z's July 15 July 16
Riolu Hatch Day July 22 July 22
Adventure Week July 27 August 2
Community Day July 30 July 30
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