Niantic Teases the Release of Ultra Beasts

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Article by Brian Tein

It looks like the Season of Alola is about to go out with one heck of a bang! Alongside everything else that we have going on, it looks like the sky is starting to crack in preparation for the rise of Ultra Wormholes.

That's right; Ultra Beasts are finally coming!

The Ultra Beasts

So what the heck is an Ultra Beast?

Ultra Beasts are a unique classification of Pokemon that originated in Pokemon Sun and Moon. They are Pokemon that hail from other dimensions that are technically classified as Legendary Pokemon, though they differ from "classical" Legends in several ways in the main series.

These Pokemon tend to have unique and "alien" designs that are a bit strange even by Pokemon standards. They also tend to have unique and unconventional stat-builds, making them a bit different from many contemporary Pokemon.

The Ultra Beasts

Note that many may also say that the main Legendary Trio of Alola also count as Ultra Beasts, especially Necrozma, but according to the Bulbapedia article on Ultra Beasts, they do not count. Others would also speculate that Eternatus from the Galar Region could be an Ultra Beast, but we've had no confirmation on that point either.

So what exactly does all of this mean? It means that we're about to see a number of very unique Pokemon hit the field, starting with the Poison/Rock Type Pokemon, Nihilego. This is quite a grab-bag of Pokemon to draw from, so please expect a fair bit of coverage from Gamepress as we evaluate these Pokemon, especially once we know their movesets!

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