Dubwool PvP IV Deep-Dive

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With the addition of Double Kick, Dubwool has become a bulky pivot in both the Great League and Ultra League in Pokemon GO. Given that there are few opportunities to catch Wooloo in the wild (the most recent being the Pokemon Sleep promotional event), it can be difficult to get “good” looking PvP IVs for Dubwool. The Dubwool PvP IV Deep Dive aims to highlight the most relevant stat checks and PvP IVs for Dubwool in both the Great League and the Ultra League. 

As usual, this guide discusses the hidden true stats of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. In order to see these true stats you need to use an IV checking app (CalcyIV, Pokegenie) or an IV checking website (GOStadium,, or PvPoke itself). To make things simple, the guide also features standard PvP IV tables. 

If you’re not familiar with PvP IVs, check out this PvP IVs Simplified video.

PvP IV Tables

The tables below feature the IV spreads with a hyperlinked table that meet some of the more important stat checks highlighted in the article. It’s important to review the guide itself to make sure you’re getting what you want out of your Dubwool. For example, you may want a slightly higher HP weight for more consistency and there are higher Def considerations.

GL - High Bulk (141.6 Def, 128 HP)

UL - Nearly Hundo

  • 14/15/15 is the preference
  • In general, 13/13/14 is a solid soft minimum

Great League Dubwool

bulk. For the higher end bulk matchups, having 130 HP with at least 141.6 Def is the preference. Lower HP (down to 128) can be made up for with even greater Def.To simplify things, you can use the “bulk product” sort on If Dubwool has at least 18499 bulk product, it’s probably safe. 

It would be wise to review the following bulk-based matchups on to make sure yours meets the standard: 

Def Breakpoints include (vs Rank 1 opponents unless stated otherwise):

  • 139.75+, Deoxys Defense Forme
  • 141.6 (likely 143.3+), Dewgong 
  • 141.8+, Shadow Venusaur
    • All 3 of these Def Breakpoints don’t flip matchups in even scenarios, but are worth paying attention to
  • 144.93+, Charm Shadow Alolan Ninetales 1-1
    • Unlikely to get consistently, but good to be aware of

While Dubwool doesn’t have any major Fast Move Atk Breakpoints, a slight Atk weight could enable Charge Move Breakpoints against Altaria (109.3, 2-1), Shadow Venusaur (110.3, 2-2), and Registeel (variable, 2-2). These Charge Move Breakpoints may make the Ranks 2-5 preferred over the Rank 1 if you had the ability to choose which IVs you find. 

Ultra League Dubwool

A 100% IV, 15/15/15, Dubwool can power up to level 50 in the Ultra League. Unfortunately, a Best Buddy 100% IV Dubwool is >2500 CP. This makes the 14/15/15 and other options preferred over the 15/15/15, as they would remain under 2500 CP when Best Buddied. Due to a lack of Fast Move Breakpoints, the drop in Atk IV isn’t all that significant. 

Overall, 13/13/14 is a “safe” minimum for non-Best Buddy Dubwool IVs. This also suggests that the 15/15/15 IV Dubwool is “safe” at level 49.5. Just be aware of which ones require level 49.5 in order to flex into the Best Buddy bonus when powering up so you don’t “ruin” them from being able to Best Buddy (15/15/15, 15/15/14, 15/14/15, etc). As far as tie-breakers go, sort by bulk product. 


While the “best” PvP IVs for Dubwool are pretty narrow in both Leagues, the sleep sheep isn’t the most meta thing out there. If you happen to missout on “premium” Great League IVs, just roll with your best bulk looking Dubwool until you one day find a better one. For the Ultra League Dubwool, hold out for Lucky Trades with friends (IV floor of 12/12/12) or GO Battle League rewards (IV floor of 10/10/10) rather than build a sub-par one. Happy hunting!

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