Dataminers Find References to Galar and Galarian Formes

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Galar Discovered


Credit to @poke_miners 

In the latest update to Pokemon Go, dataminers have discovered references to "Galar" and "Galarian Formes". Galar is the regional setting for the upcoming latest entries in the Pokemon main series franchise: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The initial tease for this region came to Pokemon Go last year in the form of a teaser of Meltan, and later Melmetal.

Galarian Formes, meanwhile, are new formes to existing Pokemon that are exclusive to this new region. This feature originated in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon with Alolan formes, a feature that was released in Pokemon Go before the release of the attached generation. 

While we have no confirmation as of yet, players are using this information to speculate that we may see the release of Galarian Pokemon sooner rather than later, perhaps in connection to the world-wide release of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield on November 15, 2019. However, once again, this is pure speculation as we have no confirmation from any official source.

Pokemon Confirmed to Have Galarian Formes So Far